The Little Things

shower2~snapshots from my pumpkin/fall-themed baby shower at Lìolà~

With my due date officially 21 days away, things are starting to feel very real. Luckily, my desire to nest is slowly coming to an end and I’ve been trying to relax and enjoy my last days before baby arrives. In preparation, I’ve been trying to get as many long walks in as possible and wrapping up loose ends. In the next week or so, I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of my favorite moments from my pregnancy. In the mean time, here are a few things I’ve been loving this Fall:

img_2155~obsessed with this new candle that makes our apartment smell so good~img_2042~multi-colored trees on a recent walk~img_2188~newly discovered favorite drink: la croix peach pear sparkling water~img_2176~homemade pizza night: fresh mozzarella with homemade tomato sauce and porcini mushrooms~

Wedding Series Part 3: Our Honeymoon

hmWhen we began planning our honeymoon, we had a few requirements: we both wanted to go someplace far away, we wanted it to include at least some beach time, and it needed to be a place where neither of us had ever been. Since our wedding was in April, we were limited on where we could go that would be warm enough to enjoy the sea. With this in mind, we narrowed down our choices to South Africa, Australia, and Thailand. Ultimately, we chose an amazing 2 week getaway to Thailand. We began our trip in Bangkok, then it was off to Koh Lanta, (which was our favorite) with our final stop being Phuket. These are a few of our favorite pics…


Photo Apr 15, 3 51 48 AM~various fruits on the streets of bangkok~Photo Apr 16, 2 44 53 AM IMG_5578~travelling through one of the floating markets just outside of bangkok~IMG_5635~one of thailands many temples~Photo Apr 17, 4 53 15 AM~the largest reclining buddha: wat pho~Photo Apr 17, 7 29 48 AM~view from the sky bar at the top of the lebua state tower~


Photo Apr 18, 1 25 17 AM~speedboat to our koh lanta resort: pimalai resort & spa~Photo Apr 18, 1 48 36 AM~arriving at pimalai resort~Photo Apr 18, 1 52 50 AMPhoto Apr 18, 2 13 36 AM~i loved all thai fruit but my favorite was rambutan~Photo Apr 18, 5 32 25 AM~pools, beaches, and sunsets at pimalai resort~Photo Apr 18, 7 20 58 AMPhoto Apr 18, 8 17 43 PMPhoto Apr 20, 2 23 05 AM~the best pad thai on koh lanta~Photo Apr 21, 2 29 50 AM~lounging by the pool~Photo Apr 20, 3 47 55 AMPhoto Apr 21, 7 43 11 AMPhoto Apr 21, 7 41 26 AM


Photo Apr 22, 7 41 06 AM~we stayed at point yamu by como in phuket~Photo Apr 22, 6 33 07 AMIMG_5997Photo Apr 24, 3 57 20 AMPhoto Apr 24, 10 28 58 AM~amazing massaman curry~Photo Apr 25, 3 41 20 AM~exploring the caves via canoe~Photo Apr 25, 10 38 03 PMPhoto Apr 25, 10 49 40 PM~amazing breakfasts~IMG_6261~floating our krathaong~IMG_6131~midday snack: mango coconut ice~


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The One Thing I Can’t Live Without…


The other day, I got to thinking about some things that I use and love in my everyday life that I simply could not imagine living without. For me, the number one thing would have to be coffee (I typically consume only one cup a day, first thing in the morning). My love affair with coffee began in college. I remember attending FIT in my freshman year, trekking through the streets of NY in the frigid winter while grasping onto my grande coffee from Starbucks. Today, it’s still the first thing I look to each morning for that quick pick -me- up (I’m talking to you, fellow non-morning people) and it’s the thing I count on most to get me going.

Since I always find it interesting to hear about what others are currently into; whether it’s the latest beauty item, a favorite new kitchen gadget, or simply an old, super comfy pair of boots that can’t be parted with. I asked some friends about “the one thing they can’t live without” and this is what they said:


My food processor is my sous chef. Most days I run my sandwich shop alone and leaving my veggies to be chopped with my food processor leaves me feeling like I have a third hand. While there is a therapeutic element to slowly chopping veggies & fruits by hand, when in a bind for time, enters the wonderful processor. From a quick pico de gallo for a breakfast burrito or lots of garlic for hummus, not only will a processor cut your prep time in half but also leave your fingers free of stale odors. Dressings, soups and sauces combined beautifully in a whirlwind of excitement inside the mighty food processor. This is the one item I can’t live without.


I couldn’t decide between these 3 makeup items because they’re all equally important to me. I couldn’t live without my eyelash curler, eyebrow pencil, or bronzer. I love my eyelash curler by Shu Uemura. I started using it in 2003 (after trying every brand out there, this is by far the best)! It’s super gentle and curls my lashes beautifully! Dior makes the perfect eye brow pencil; it’s retractable so you never have to sharpen it and it glides on smoothly. Their bronzer is amazing too. It gives me a sun kissed look in seconds! It’s a pretty compact to carry and never leaves my bag. I highly recommend these 3 perfect items.


For the past ten years I’ve turned to my little green friend as a cornerstone to my overall wellness and beauty routine. Wheatgrass is a nutrient rich plant that helps to oxygenate the blood with its chlorophyl and keeps your immune system strong with vitamins A, B, C, E, and K. It also contains iron and minerals such as zinc, copper, potassium, manganese and selenium. It’s great for bolstering metabolism and keeps skin and hair looking shiny and healthy. It’s a really simple and effective way to be good to yourself everyday from the inside out.

The Little Things

blossoms~loving all the cherry blossoms this time of year~

I’ve enjoyed a few days off for the holiday and I feel super relaxed, recharged and ready for the week ahead. We had a fantastic weekend with family and enjoyed a delicious Easter dinner. I’ve been loving the sunshiny weather now that Spring finally feels like it’s here to stay.

bamboo~bamboo and bleached wood ceiling decor with industrial lights at kyma~florals3~wedding floral inspiration~horse~steel horse head sculpture in bryant park~lamb3~brick oven lamb for easter dinner~

The Little Things

shoes~Obsessing over this new show purchase~

By yesterday, I was so ready for the weekend to finally be here. I’ve been feeling so drab with this cold weather and today’s warmer temperature has me feeling ready for Spring. Tonight, I’m off to a much needed night out for a friend’s birthday starting with dinner at Hearth and I’m looking forward to a relaxed Sunday at home. I hope you all have a great weekend.

mannequins~Springtime mannequin inspiration~dresses~sneak peek: wedding dress shopping~bite~loving this cashmere lip cream in color bordeaux~

The Little Things

window~daylight peeking through the blinds on a lazy saturday morning~

This past week has been super productive for me and although I got so much done that I literally could not even stand up last Saturday, I feel super accomplished. This weekend, we are hosting a couple of friends for dinner at our place and I am super excited to eat some delicious food, drink some wine and to just hang in the comfort of our home. With this uncharacteristically cold winter, I’ve been enjoying the simplicity and comfort of being cozied up indoors

sky4~fiery sky while hanging at the wythe~fig~homemade fig preserves with ginger from my future mom-in-law~snow~Reminiscing about our ski getaway exactly 1 month ago~dish~the cutest crocodile jaw (with gold tooth) jewelry dish for my engagement ring~

The Little Things…by Gloria

mirror~One of my favorite recent finds: geometric mother of pearl mirror~

Well, Fall time is in full swing and I have to admit, this time of year is always bittersweet for me. Don’t get me wrong- while I enjoy the quintessential cool, brisk air, warm apple pie, spiked hot chocolate and the magic of the holiday season in New York, the shorter days always get me. I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic for the warmth of the summer and those sunshiny days. I hope you are all getting into the holiday groove and enjoying the season. As for me, I’m looking forward to a much needed weekend getaway to Miami Beach. In the mean time, these are a few things making me happy lately.

apple11~peeling orchard fresh apples for my mom’s birthday cake~

wythe~the wythe hotel; go for the view, stay for the cocktails~

pic6~kicked up brussels sprouts with crispy bacon, dried apricot and walnuts~

pic5~neutral ombre’ nails~

The Little Things… by Gloria


~three black crows atop a tree~

Whew. Well thank goodness February is over and we are well past the midway point in March. I have to say that when February hits, I am thoroughly over wintertime in NYC. I’m over the cold and ready for longer days and warmer weather- although March has been pretty chilly so far. I’ve definitely been feeling a bit uninspired over the past month, so I’m definitely looking forward to a change of pace. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been making an effort to try to get out simply so that I don’t enter into complete hibernation while I wait for that first dose of springtime air. This weekend, I’m looking forward to celebratory cocktails with friends to ring in my birthday! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

ceviche3~black bass ceviche with candied kumquats at super linda~

ski~the perfect wintertime escape: bed and breakfast ski weekend~

fire2~apres ski relaxation~

fin~ favorite treat: pistachio macaron from financier~

horchata2~homemade horchata at tortilleria nixtamal~

The Little Things… by Gloria

bark~favorite holiday treat- peppermint bark~

This week, I’m most looking forward to a clean agenda and simply enjoying time with loved ones over great food and wine. That is the only “little thing” on my list- savoring the season and being thankful for the amazing family and friends that I am so very lucky to have. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, filled with all the things that matter most. Merry Christmas Eve.

mulled~delicious mulled wine~

tree1~under our tree~

house~gingerbread house~

The Little Things… by Gloria

~summer fun? yes, please!~

I was able to kick off my weekend early (thank you Summer Fridays!) which gave me the perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. Here are just a few of my weekend highlights…

~cooling off at cafe’ colette~

~my new obsession: gold-colored pots from a & g merch~

~taco night done right: homemade mahi mahi tacos with the works~

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