The Little Things… by Gloria

~ Orange leather notebook that I use to jot down random notes~

Finding time to appreciate the little things is so important. That’s why I’ve decided to make this subject a recurring one on my blog. This week, these are a few of the things that are adding a little fun to my otherwise jam packed and busy days…

~  My favorite finds- creamer and sugar bowl from Anthropologie~

~ Chanel all in one- eye shadow, lip gloss and blush~

~Decadent desserts from Le Pain Quotidien~

A Place in the Sun… by Gloria

~ The beautiful sunset from our vacation in Aruba~

Lately, the hustle and bustle of NYC has me feeling down.  I find my mind wandering to the possible destinations life will lead me to this year and this leaves me craving a little getaway so much more. In the mean time, my pictures from past trips will need to keep me energized and excited until the next…

What secret getaway are you daydreaming about today….?

Sunday Dinner… by Gloria

This weekend, we had a very special guest for dinner. My dad (who recently moved out of state) was in town. To welcome him back home, I decided to whip up a very special dinner. I prepared chicken cutlets, a nice big salad, and best of all delicious pasta & meatballs just the way my Grandma used to make! It is times like these that I truly treasure the things that I was able to learn from my family because their insight, recipes and so much more- will live on for generations to come. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

~ Chop up fresh parsley~

~Add parsley to chop meat: I used a blend of beef, veal and pork~

~ Add fresh pecorino romano cheese, salt, pepper and most importantly, eggs- they help to make your meatballs soft and fork-tender- and mix well~

 ~ Roll the mixture into medium-sized balls~

~ Cook in olive oil until golden brown and add to tomato sauce; let simmer for about 2  hours~

Weekly Rundown… by Gloria

~ Beautiful Cherry Blossoms at STK~

I’ve had a pretty eventful week and although it’s Friday, I’m feeling like the only thing I want to do this weekend is stay at home and relax. Here’s a little glimpse into what I’ve been up to:

~Tuesday Night Drinks at the The Royalton for Mardi Gras~


~Jazz Band at the Royalton~

~Cafe’ El Charro at El Charro Espanol~

I Love NY… by Gloria

~ Fresh lavender at the Union Square Farmer’s Market~

There are so many things to love about NY. From the amazing restaurants and the high energy to the truly unique mix of cultures and best of all, the unexpected. Yesterday, I was craving some farm fresh fruits and veggies and so I dropped by the Farmer’s market in Union Square. It made my day that right in the middle of my busy afternoon, I could drop into a little haven in the middle of NYC. Check out a few of my finds.

~ Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms~

~ Tulips in all colors~

~ Yummy beets and carrots~

~Potted plants~

Oatmealchocolatechipraisinwalnutcoconut cookies!… by Gloria

Last night, I decided to make something to tame my sweet tooth. These cookies were just the thing! I used whole wheat flour (instead of white) and oats so I felt a little less guilty- but still added some goodies like chocolate chips and some shredded coconut for a kick. I sprinkled some wheat germ and sunflower seeds on top for a sweet and salty treat. And of course, I enjoyed these while they were warm- right out of the oven!

Family Time… by Gloria

~ Steelhead trout with homemade crabmeat stuffing and asparagus~

This weekend we managed to squeeze in a bit of family time at my boyfriend’s parents house.  As expected, we caught up on the past  few weeks while enjoying a-mazing food (courtesy of my boyfriend’s mom), delicious wine, and a bustling fireplace.  Escaping to their house gives us the perfect opportunity to leave the city, catch up on some zzz’s and start the new week feeling well-rested and refreshed.

The Little Things… by Gloria

~ Amazing mini cupcakes from Baked by Melissa~

~ Beautiful rose from my boyfriend on Valentine’s~

~ Macaron counter at Macaron Cafe’ (my favorite is pistachio)~

~ Beautiful flowers being sold on the streets of Manhattan~

“Hearty” Beef Stew… by Gloria

If you are anything like me, you know that going out to eat on Valentine’s Day can be totally overrated. In my experience, I always feel rushed and the pre-fixe menus hardly warrant the inflated V-day prices- but that’s just my opinion. This year, I decided to cook dinner for my love and spend an intimate evening at home with a nice bottle of wine. After all, the way to a guys heart is through his tummy! I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!

Lightly coat beef brisket cubes in flour.

Brown them in a pan with a bit of olive oil.

 In a separate pot, sauté some onion and garlic.

Add tomato puree

Add browned beef

Let simmer for 1 ½ hours.

Add salt to taste

 Add Carrots, potatoes and celery.

Let simmer for another ½ hour.

 Boil fresh pasta (my favorite is fresh tagliolini)

 Serve stew over pasta

What can I do? Electric Blue (and orange)… by Gloria

~Hyden Yoo and Chadwick Bell designs~

Thursday marked day 1 of Fall 2012 fashion week in NY. From what I’ve seen so far, we should all be excited for the colors, prints, lace and winter whites coming our way later this year. I thought I’d share a few images of the consistent electric blues and oranges appearing across the board from multiple designers.

~ Peek-a -boo pops of color at Nonoo lyons and Bcbg~

~ gorgeous gowns at Tadashi Shoji~

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