Late Night/ Date Night… by Gloria

~hanging bicycle outside of Moto~

Last night, we managed to pull off an impromptu date night. With our hectic work schedules and recent obligations to family/friend functions, the weeks were passing us by…I felt it was essential to carve out some time to get out, enjoy a nice dinner and catch up over a  glass of wine.  For whatever reason, we tend to stick to the places we know on our weekly date nights but last night, we wanted to try something new.
We were pleasantly surprised when we slipped into this little gem on an unassuming corner in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  The 4 piece jazz band was in full swing at Moto and we quickly felt as though we were transported to another era while sipping our wine and enjoying the music. It was the perfect little escape.

~candles and flowers in tiny bottles at Moto~

Healthy Hues… by Gloria

Here in NY, it’s hardly felt like winter. The temperature has been fairly mild for the entire season and it seems as though everyone is secretly awaiting the first significant snowfall…I personally, felt the first glimpse of spring when I left the office last night and there was still a bit of daylight to be had. It reminded me that longer days and warmer weather is just around the corner. It inspired me to focus on healthy eating and staying hydrated. With colors like these, it makes it easy…

~Lemon water in a glass decanter- makes drinking your water more fun~

~Fresh cut vegetables roasted on stoneware- zucchini, mushrooms, red onions and cauliflower~

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