Mom’s Chicken Rollatini… by Gloria

~ mom’s recipe: chicken rollatini stuffed with shiitake mushrooms and asparagus~

After a fun filled weekend of outdoor parties and BBQ’s, I was excited to have a super chill Monday night cooking dinner at home.This recipe from my mom, is one of my favorite’s. We enjoyed this along with an italian potato salad comprised of young potatoes, white vinegar and olive oil- served chilled along with a crisp, fresh salad. 

~ the stuffing: bread, shiitake mushrooms, garlic, parsley, salt & pepper~

I scream, you scream…by Gloria

~banana split at my favorite old time ice cream parlour, eddie’s sweet shoppe~

I love ice cream so much that I’ve decided to dedicate an entire blog entry to it. For me, ice cream is equivalent to a summer love. The kind that you’d have during college and when winter came back around, you could do without it. Once the warm weather hits, that’s when my love of ice cream re-ignites. Literally, I could eat it every day be it in the form of a shake, a cone, or plain ol’ bowl… I’m dying to know…what’s your favorite flavor???

~ homemade coffee ice cream with whipped cream, marshmallow and hot fudge~

~homemade raspberry ice cream with marshmallow and homemade whipped cream~

Port Jefferson… by Gloria

~sunny port jefferson with its beautiful mountainous terrain~

This past weekend, I was able to enjoy the perfect balance of work and fun. I finally managed to swap out winter shoes for the strappy summery ones in my closet and do some serious spring cleaning. We met with friends for dinner and drinks at Malatesta in the West Village on Saturday night and on Sunday, we enjoyed a fantastic day trip to the quaint town of Port Jefferson where we went fishing for fluke! Here are a few pics from the boat-

~seagulls chasing the boat~

The Little Things… by Gloria

~colorful balloons for cinco de mayo at our favorite mexican restaurant~

It seems as though I’ve decided to give myself a little hiatus from my blog entries lately. The truth is, the weather in NY has been sort of drab and it’s bringing everyone down (especially because we got spoiled with some super nice weather a few weeks back). I think everyone thought that Spring was in full bloom so it’s been a little disheartening pulling out the cold weather clothes that may have gotten packed away a bit too soon…. However, here are a few things making me happy.

~mast brothers chocolates in fun wrappings~

~ rainbow windows- view from the highline on a rainy evening~

~picturesque tree in the west village~

~milk in vintage-looking glass caraffes- totally worth the higher price~