Piece of Cake

cakeOver the holidays, I made a yellow cake from scratch for the first time. I followed a basic recipe for the cake and filled it with my own concoction of Bonne Maman raspberry preserves and roasted, sliced almonds (the roasting was key as it brought out the amazing flavor of the almonds). I topped it all off with some homemade buttercream frosting and the results were beyond delicious. b-bfilling filled


Weekend Wind Down

band~live performance at baby’s all right~

I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was pretty fun. We finally managed to see 2 movies that I have been talking about for months: Her and The Wolf of Wall Street. I’ve been waiting for the movie Her to come out ever since I first started hearing about it last year and it exceeded my expectations- it actually blew my mind at some points and I’ve always been a huge fan of Joaquin Pheonix, so it was great all around. The Wolf of Wall Street was intense and superb- I think this one will go down in history. Oh, Leo. You are So. Good. We also managed to check out this cool new venue on Sunday night. It’s a pretty neat Restaurant/Concert Venue where we grabbed a bite to eat, a couple cocktails, and checked out this band.

New Year’s Getaway


We just returned from an amazing New Years ski getaway. We stayed at this lovely bed and breakfast which we visited for the first time last year. I’ve enjoyed plenty of time off for the holidays and this was the perfect ending to a relaxing couple of weeks filled with family, friends, and my new fiancé!