Stuffed Artichokes


Artichokes are my favorite vegetable hands down. I love the taste and the texture and how versatile they are. I enjoy them sliced up in an omelette or simply pan fried to a slight crisp. As a kid, my grandma would make the best stuffed artichokes- prepared in the simplest way. I’ve re-created her recipe almost to a tee- using homemade breadcrumbs (made from 2 day old bread loaves), olive oil, garlic, cheese, parsley, salt and pepper. Once the artichokes are cleaned and tops trimmed off, I simply stuff them with the breadcrumb mixture, put them tightly packed together in a pot filled with with 2-3 inches of water (just enough to cover the artichoke heart) and I simmer them until the artichoke leaves are tender and can be pulled out easily. So simple and so tasty!

P.S. Don’t forget to eat the heart- it’s the best part!

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The Little Things

shoes~Obsessing over this new show purchase~

By yesterday, I was so ready for the weekend to finally be here. I’ve been feeling so drab with this cold weather and today’s warmer temperature has me feeling ready for Spring. Tonight, I’m off to a much needed night out for a friend’s birthday starting with dinner at Hearth and I’m looking forward to a relaxed Sunday at home. I hope you all have a great weekend.

mannequins~Springtime mannequin inspiration~dresses~sneak peek: wedding dress shopping~bite~loving this cashmere lip cream in color bordeaux~

Rosemary Olive Oil Cake

cake5Before starting this blog, I was never much of a baker. More recently, I’ve been venturing outside of my comfort zone and it’s been fun experimenting with new recipes. I’d been meaning to have a go at olive oil cake for quite some time. When I came across this recipe, incorporating lemon zest and rosemary, I decided to give it a try. I tweaked the recipe slightly by reducing the amount of olive oil and sugar that it called for (I prefer my cakes not too sweet). I left out the anise seed and added small dollops of orange marmalade to the batter once it was poured into the baking pan. The end result was a super delicious cake, with subtle notes of rosemary, lemon, and orange.


The Little Things

window~daylight peeking through the blinds on a lazy saturday morning~

This past week has been super productive for me and although I got so much done that I literally could not even stand up last Saturday, I feel super accomplished. This weekend, we are hosting a couple of friends for dinner at our place and I am super excited to eat some delicious food, drink some wine and to just hang in the comfort of our home. With this uncharacteristically cold winter, I’ve been enjoying the simplicity and comfort of being cozied up indoors

sky4~fiery sky while hanging at the wythe~fig~homemade fig preserves with ginger from my future mom-in-law~snow~Reminiscing about our ski getaway exactly 1 month ago~dish~the cutest crocodile jaw (with gold tooth) jewelry dish for my engagement ring~