Soda Bread

soda bread3This past week was the perfect balance of work and play. While I was super productive, I also managed to squeeze in some fun evenings with girlfriends in celebration of my birthday. On Thursday, I checked out the Wedding Show, hosted by New York Magazine and on Friday night, I checked out this restaurant for the very first time. This weekend has been a bit calmer due to the rainy, chilly weather and I’ve enjoyed some down time at home. This afternoon, in the absence of any comfort food in the house, I decided to have a go at homemade soda bread. I used this recipe but threw in a few extra raisins and another spoonful of sugar and the results were super yummy.

ing12ing14soda bread2

Spring Skies

sky4~aerial skies over Miami~

This past week, I took a mini trip to Miami for business. To say that it it gave me Spring fever is an understatement. Thankfully, the first official day of Spring was the day I arrived back home so I’m clinging on to that ounce of hope that warmer weather is just around the corner! Last weekend, we managed to make some strides in our wedding planning and as you can see from the photo below, we’ve secured our venue. It’s finally starting to feel like everything else is cake from here. I hope you all have a great weekend.

venue~our wedding venue!~beach~our beachy shadows + lamppost~bwalk~moon + boardwalk lights~

Slowing It Down


I’ve been under the weather for the past couple of days. I’ve been getting bursts of energy here and there and once I start doing an errand, I’m slowly reminded that I’m not feeling great. So, today, instead of fighting it, I’ve decided to embrace just “slowing it down”…Sometimes, we get so caught up with the things we “have” to do instead of actually reminding ourselves that filling your own cup first in order to be exceptional for the ones around us is most important. So, here’s to a day of curling up in bed, with the sun peeking into the window…drinking chamomile and reading a couple of magazines…until tomorrow, world.

Oscar Night Spaghettata


There are so many words in other languages that do not exist in the English language. Take, for example, the spaghettata; which is by far, my favorite word. ever. Spaghettata, in Italian, refers to a large, informal bowl of pasta meant to be shared amongst friends (preferably enjoyed after a long night of partying at a beachside club on an Italian island such as Sicily). Some of my favorite memories are the ones I’ve spent with friends in Italy, coming home late, and whipping up a pasta feast 3:00 am for all to enjoy. For the Oscars, I’ve decided to recreate my fondest Italian memories by hosting a spaghettata and wine themed Oscar night. I won’t have much time to prepare, so I figured this would be the perfect plan for an informal gathering. I’d love to know…what are your plans for Oscar night?

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