Homemade Granola Bars

granola3This afternoon I was craving something sweet but somewhat healthy. I’d never attempted homemade granola bars before but I had been meaning to give it a shot and I’m super glad I did. They were so easy to make, required barely any clean up at all, and honestly taste a hundred times better than the store bought kind. I paged through a  few recipes online but ultimately threw in some ingredients I had in the house. The mix of both almonds and pecans coupled with fresh vanilla bean and raisins made for a tasty mid day treat.honey2+ing8bars

The Little Things

blossoms~loving all the cherry blossoms this time of year~

I’ve enjoyed a few days off for the holiday and I feel super relaxed, recharged and ready for the week ahead. We had a fantastic weekend with family and enjoyed a delicious Easter dinner. I’ve been loving the sunshiny weather now that Spring finally feels like it’s here to stay.

bamboo~bamboo and bleached wood ceiling decor with industrial lights at kyma~florals3~wedding floral inspiration~horse~steel horse head sculpture in bryant park~lamb3~brick oven lamb for easter dinner~

Bay Leaf Simple Syrup


Bay Leaf is a flavor that brings me back to childhood. It was a go-to for my mom anytime I had a tummy ache. She’d boil water with bay leaves and sweeten with little sugar and it worked like a charm. This weekend, I decided to infuse simple syrup with bay leaves. Simple syrup is a must have for around the house. It’s super versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. This sweet, aromatic syrup can be drizzled over a simple cake, added onto a scoop of vanilla ice cream, used to sweeten tea, or my personal favorite, as an infusion in a vodka or gin cocktail. It also makes for a unique, homemade gift for a party host.