The Little Things

shower2~snapshots from my pumpkin/fall-themed baby shower at Lìolà~

With my due date officially 21 days away, things are starting to feel very real. Luckily, my desire to nest is slowly coming to an end and I’ve been trying to relax and enjoy my last days before baby arrives. In preparation, I’ve been trying to get as many long walks in as possible and wrapping up loose ends. In the next week or so, I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of my favorite moments from my pregnancy. In the mean time, here are a few things I’ve been loving this Fall:

img_2155~obsessed with this new candle that makes our apartment smell so good~img_2042~multi-colored trees on a recent walk~img_2188~newly discovered favorite drink: la croix peach pear sparkling water~img_2176~homemade pizza night: fresh mozzarella with homemade tomato sauce and porcini mushrooms~

Baby Registry Must-Haves

image-1~Serge and I as Babies~

This pregnancy has been progressing rather quickly and we’re so excited to be welcoming our new addition in just 6 short weeks! Wow, just writing that seems so surreal as having a baby is something I’ve always dreamed of. The past few weeks have been a total blur as I’ve been in major nesting mode and trying to accomplish as much as possible before the little one arrives. As of last week, my pregnancy has been mainly uneventful- with no major symptoms to report (whew!). This week however, I’m definitely starting to feel the added weight and simple tasks (like bending or sitting up) are becoming increasingly difficult.

Last week our friends and family came together for a beautiful baby shower and my husband and I were so touched by the outpouring of love and generosity from those closest to us. It’s comforting to know that our little one will be surrounded by so much love when he/she arrives… afterall, it does take a village.

In preparation for our little one, I’ve been busy organizing all the baby items we received from the shower, washing and folding all the clothes so that they are ready for use, and getting rid of any unnecessary clutter. In the meantime, my husband has been busy assembling everything from strollers to bouncy seats and painting the nursery. As we live in a fairly small apartment, I was very strategic about registering exclusively for the “must have” items (so as to not feel like our lives are being overtaken by baby toys) and to my surprise, not knowing the sex of our baby actually simplified the process as my color/item choices were automatically limited (hello, “grey”!) So, without further adieu…here’s my “must-have” registry list:


1. Uppababy Vista Stroller (an investment but so worth it from what I hear) 2. Sloan Acrylic Crib 3. Ergobaby 360 Carrier 4. Jonathan Adler Rock N’ Play 5. Baby Bjorn Bouncer 6. Mamaroo Infant Seat 7. Peg Perego Siesta High Chair 8. Uppababy Mesa Infant Car Seat (snaps right into stroller frame) 9. Britax Boulevard Toddler Car Seat


1. Muslin Bibs 2. Washcloths 3. Muslin Burp Cloths 4. Swaddle Blankets 5. Compact Infant Bathtub 6. Hooded Bath Towel 7. Assorted Neutral Footies and Onesies in various sizes up to 6 months (one of many here) 8. Eco Changing Pad 9. Assorted Grey/White Crib Sheets 10. Boppy Pillow

More great “Must Haves” Here!