Mast Brothers Chocolate… by Gloria


Saturday was the perfect ending to a chaotic, but productive, week. The weather was really beautiful and the streets were surprisingly crowded with people eager for some sunlight and a casual stroll. With that, we ended up at Mast Brothers in Brooklyn. I had seen and heard so much about this chocolate company as their funky candy wrappings and unique flavors are quite the hit amongst chocolate lovers. The shop is situated just up the block from the Brooklyn waterfront and from the moment we walked in, it was chocolate heaven. The retail space in front houses a nice assortment of their various flavors as well as cookies and other treats. Large burlap sacks filled with cacao beans provide the barrier that separates the retail space from the chocolate factory in the back where the workers can be seen furiously mixing and making chocolates. After sampling some (too many?) of the flavors,  we scooped up a few of our favorite bars and were on our way. Here are a few of the pics:






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