Make it Mezcal… by Gloria


I’m a huge fan of a good cocktail. I’ve gone through phases where I drink one cocktail religiously for a year or two straight and then abandon it for life. In my early college years (ok, it was late high school years) my drink of choice was a Tanqueray and Tonic (because Johnny Depp drank it. Obviously). In college, I moved onto Chocolate Martinis (clear, of course) made with Grey Goose and White Creme de Cacao. More recently, with the introduction of bespoke cocktail bars, I truly enjoy more complex libations. It was about 2 years ago that I was first introduced to mezcal, a seriously underrated spirit. I was at The Mulberry Project– a small bar in Little Italy, that features a daily chalkboard of ingredients to essentially, build your own cocktail. That evening, I tried my first mezcal cocktail with pineapple, chilli pepper, and honey and I was hooked. Mezcal is essentially the (way) cooler cousin to tequila and with it’s smokey flavor, balances out well with both citrusy and slightly sweeter flavors. If you have not tried mezcal, I highly recommend you do. Its smokey flavor is the perfect way to warm up on a chilly December night.


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