Oscar Night Spaghettata


There are so many words in other languages that do not exist in the English language. Take, for example, the spaghettata; which is by far, my favorite word. ever. Spaghettata, in Italian, refers to a large, informal bowl of pasta meant to be shared amongst friends (preferably enjoyed after a long night of partying at a beachside club on an Italian island such as Sicily). Some of my favorite memories are the ones I’ve spent with friends in Italy, coming home late, and whipping up a pasta feast 3:00 am for all to enjoy. For the Oscars, I’ve decided to recreate my fondest Italian memories by hosting a spaghettata and wine themed Oscar night. I won’t have much time to prepare, so I figured this would be the perfect plan for an informal gathering. I’d love to know…what are your plans for Oscar night?

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