Dinnerware: 101

bennett2I finally got around to unpacking our new dinnerware. I have to admit, I’m more than a little obsessed. In lieu of fine china, I opted instead, for a more casual bone china. I went with the “Bennett” set from Crate and Barrel and I’m loving the slightly organic shape and the fine-ness of the bone china. I’ve never been the type to “save” glasses or dishes for special occasions, and we often joke how, when growing up, my mom would put crystal wine glasses in the dishwasher; So naturally, dinner will be served on these new dishes tonight. I knew I wanted white for it’s timelessness and for the ability to mix and match with other pieces such as serveware, to change it up a bit if it gets too stale. By choosing a neutral base, it’s easy to pop in a color or a pattern later on. I also love that bone china is oven safe up to about 300 degrees.

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