Oats n’ Apricot Baked Apples

applesSome of my most creative dishes have emerged from the moments when I’ve seemingly had nothing in my fridge. It’s in those moments, when it’s either pouring rain and you don’t want to leave the house to go get groceries or those times when an unexpected friend pops in for a visit, that you make do with what you have at home and end up making something simple yet delicious. Today was one of those days for me. I had leftover organic apples in the fridge and I was thinking of what I could do with them. I went through my pantry and pulled out oats, dried apricots, chopped walnuts, cinnamon and brown sugar. I combined the ingredients and stuffed them into the cored apples. I put a dab of butter on top and baked them in the oven. Once they were done, I garnished the apples with a drizzle of molasses and a final sprinkle of ground cinnamon. It was the prefect way to combine the flavors of the season and it left the house smelling like the holidays.

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