The One Thing I Can’t Live Without…


The other day, I got to thinking about some things that I use and love in my everyday life that I simply could not imagine living without. For me, the number one thing would have to be coffee (I typically consume only one cup a day, first thing in the morning). My love affair with coffee began in college. I remember attending FIT in my freshman year, trekking through the streets of NY in the frigid winter while grasping onto my grande coffee from Starbucks. Today, it’s still the first thing I look to each morning for that quick pick -me- up (I’m talking to you, fellow non-morning people) and it’s the thing I count on most to get me going.

Since I always find it interesting to hear about what others are currently into; whether it’s the latest beauty item, a favorite new kitchen gadget, or simply an old, super comfy pair of boots that can’t be parted with. I asked some friends about “the one thing they can’t live without” and this is what they said:


My food processor is my sous chef. Most days I run my sandwich shop alone and leaving my veggies to be chopped with my food processor leaves me feeling like I have a third hand. While there is a therapeutic element to slowly chopping veggies & fruits by hand, when in a bind for time, enters the wonderful processor. From a quick pico de gallo for a breakfast burrito or lots of garlic for hummus, not only will a processor cut your prep time in half but also leave your fingers free of stale odors. Dressings, soups and sauces combined beautifully in a whirlwind of excitement inside the mighty food processor. This is the one item I can’t live without.


I couldn’t decide between these 3 makeup items because they’re all equally important to me. I couldn’t live without my eyelash curler, eyebrow pencil, or bronzer. I love my eyelash curler by Shu Uemura. I started using it in 2003 (after trying every brand out there, this is by far the best)! It’s super gentle and curls my lashes beautifully! Dior makes the perfect eye brow pencil; it’s retractable so you never have to sharpen it and it glides on smoothly. Their bronzer is amazing too. It gives me a sun kissed look in seconds! It’s a pretty compact to carry and never leaves my bag. I highly recommend these 3 perfect items.


For the past ten years I’ve turned to my little green friend as a cornerstone to my overall wellness and beauty routine. Wheatgrass is a nutrient rich plant that helps to oxygenate the blood with its chlorophyl and keeps your immune system strong with vitamins A, B, C, E, and K. It also contains iron and minerals such as zinc, copper, potassium, manganese and selenium. It’s great for bolstering metabolism and keeps skin and hair looking shiny and healthy. It’s a really simple and effective way to be good to yourself everyday from the inside out.

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