Gorgonzola Bacon Wrapped Dates…by Gloria


It seems as though this holiday season has totally snuck up on me and with this uncharacteristically warm weather here, in NY, it feels more like Spring time rather than Christmas. This year, I saved every last thing until the very last minute. I still have gifts to pick up and presents to wrap. This weekend, I enjoyed two lovely Holiday parties at friends homes and went a little overboard enjoying this sale. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are going into the holiday a bit better prepared than me. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy this recipe which I brought to one of the parties this weekend. It’s sweet and savory and makes a great wintertime appetizer.



dates1-Pit the dates and stuff with your cheese of choice. I prefer gorgonzola, manchego or bleu cheese for this recipe.

-Wrap each date with 1/2 slice of bacon and secure with a toothpick

-Broil for 10 minutes or until bacon becomes crisp

-Enjoy with family and friends!


Holiday Soirée…by Gloria

cm3~CM monogram at Club Monaco’s 5th Avenue Flagship~

This week, I attended Club Monaco’s Holiday Soirée event at their new flagship store on 5th Avenue. If you have not yet checked it out, you definitely should. It’s a beautiful space and its more of a mini department store feel, rather than your typical store experience. The event was hosted by one of my favorite fashion/lifestyle bloggers, Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere (who i was very excited to meet and who was super sweet). Here are a few of my photos.



emily1~Me and Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere~

Make it Mezcal… by Gloria


I’m a huge fan of a good cocktail. I’ve gone through phases where I drink one cocktail religiously for a year or two straight and then abandon it for life. In my early college years (ok, it was late high school years) my drink of choice was a Tanqueray and Tonic (because Johnny Depp drank it. Obviously). In college, I moved onto Chocolate Martinis (clear, of course) made with Grey Goose and White Creme de Cacao. More recently, with the introduction of bespoke cocktail bars, I truly enjoy more complex libations. It was about 2 years ago that I was first introduced to mezcal, a seriously underrated spirit. I was at The Mulberry Project– a small bar in Little Italy, that features a daily chalkboard of ingredients to essentially, build your own cocktail. That evening, I tried my first mezcal cocktail with pineapple, chilli pepper, and honey and I was hooked. Mezcal is essentially the (way) cooler cousin to tequila and with it’s smokey flavor, balances out well with both citrusy and slightly sweeter flavors. If you have not tried mezcal, I highly recommend you do. Its smokey flavor is the perfect way to warm up on a chilly December night.


The Little Things…by Gloria

mirror~One of my favorite recent finds: geometric mother of pearl mirror~

Well, Fall time is in full swing and I have to admit, this time of year is always bittersweet for me. Don’t get me wrong- while I enjoy the quintessential cool, brisk air, warm apple pie, spiked hot chocolate and the magic of the holiday season in New York, the shorter days always get me. I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic for the warmth of the summer and those sunshiny days. I hope you are all getting into the holiday groove and enjoying the season. As for me, I’m looking forward to a much needed weekend getaway to Miami Beach. In the mean time, these are a few things making me happy lately.

apple11~peeling orchard fresh apples for my mom’s birthday cake~

wythe~the wythe hotel; go for the view, stay for the cocktails~

pic6~kicked up brussels sprouts with crispy bacon, dried apricot and walnuts~

pic5~neutral ombre’ nails~

Apple Picking…by Gloria


This year, I decided to head out to North Salem with some friends for some apple picking. The weather was absolute perfection- the skies were clear, the sun was shining bright and the air was cool and crisp. Although I have yet to make a fresh apple pie, it was the perfect way to begin the Fall season.

apple2 apple4Aplapple5

Secret Sauce…by Gloria


Last weekend, we decided spur of the moment to make homemade, jarred tomato sauce. Although we were a bit late and almost missed tomato season completely, we managed to get our hands on a few (5, to be exact) cases just in the nick of time. Now, for those of you who don’t know, jarring tomato sauce is a tradition most Italians do religiously along with making homemade wine yearly. The process is lengthy- taking about ten hours from start to end- but so worth it in my opinion. Once the sauce is jarred, it can be stored for up to two years and can be used in a multitude of recipes from pasta, to rice, to meat dishes.





The Seasons Best…by Gloria

pic17~purple haze + palm trees on our mini tropical escape~

It’s been quite a while since my last post and in typical “end of summer/beginning of fall” fashion, I’ve been keeping busy and taking in as much of the nice weather as possible before the bitter cold is upon us. This year, in lieu of a long vacation, I enjoyed plenty of mini escapes to places I’ve always wanted to go and I must admit, it’s been pretty fun.  I have lots of fun posts lined up in the coming weeks. I hope you enjoy.

pic2~directions to the doctor on fire island~

pic4~beach necessities on fire island: sunscreen, rainbow dress, + magazines~

pic9~ the view of the beach from our hotel in cape may~

pic10~cape may evenings~

pic11~congress hall in cape may~

pic20~tropical escape + evenings on the beach~

pic13~sun and fun~

pic15pic19~wedding weekend in the catskills for my dear friend, Ray’s wedding~


Muffin Pan Frittatas…by Gloria


I’m loving these mini frittatas for a quick, lazy weekend breakfast. I tried these for the first time yesterday morning and they are quickly becoming my new breakfast favorite. They are super versatile because you can essentially change up the ingredients for an entirely different variation and they are the perfect size. I prepared all of my ingredients: I decided on baby heirloom tomatoes with basil & fresh mozzarella and topped them off with some freshly grated parmigiano reggiano. These frittatas were bursting with flavor and were an instant hit. I hope you enjoy them.





Summer of Adventure… by Gloria

~medieval doorway at the cloisters~
I don’t know about you, but Summer activities are definitely in full swing over here. I’ve been all about mini outings as of late. A few highlights so far have been a day trip with the gals to East Hampton and Montauk, a trip to the Cloisters, and a trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Here are a few of pics of what my last few weekends have looked like. I hope these pictures inspire a few mini adventures of your own…
clois1~medieval columns at the cloisters~
~camomile flowers in the cloistered herb gardens~
~lily pads at the brooklyn botanic garden~
~brooklyn botanic garden~
~montauk and east hampton~

Summertime Sides…by Gloria

veg4I’ve had the past 4 days off and enjoyed some much needed poolside r&r and a nice visit with my boyfriends family. Visiting with them is always a nice little escape from the city and I can always count on my boyfriend’s mom sending us back home with delicious, fresh veggies from her garden. During the summer months, I love preparing veggies in the simplest ways. This dish, using baby squash from the garden, was prepared with a bit of olive oil, sea salt and pepper then grilled on both sides. I topped it off with a light drizzle of balsamic vinegar. It can be served hot or room temperature and makes for a light, simple, summertime side. I’d love to know… what are some of your favorite summertime dishes?

veg1 veg3

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